Bodhitech can help enterprises to migrate their data in any of the situations including-

  • Migration from Legacy system to any standard PLM system
  • Migration from X-PLM to Y-PLM system
  • Migration from In-premise to Cloud system
  • Migration during hardware or software update or upgrade
  • Migration during data center relocation
  • Migration during merger and acquisitions
  • Migration as part of business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR)¬†strategy

We prefer to follow steps that would make sure the data is clean and complete to avoid post migration surprises by following –

  1. Selection of right source Data
  2. System readiness and field mapping
  3. Adopting right Data migration tool
  4. Data Transformation
  5. Data Validation and Loading
  6. Extraction of Data and Creation of Load files
  7. Data load into PLM
  8. Testing