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PLM Managed Support Service

Outsource your PLM Support Necessities – Cut costs and focus on your essential business processes without ever worrying about your PLM necessities again

SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM) provides you with a 360-degree-solution for all product-related processes – from the first product idea, through manufacturing to your product service. SAP PLM gives organizations the unique ability to perform their essential business processes with modular software that is designed to work with other SAP and non-SAP software. We provide you with the absolute support that is required to run your day to day activities on SAP PLM. Organizations and departments in all sectors with an SAP PLM system need help in addressing specific challenges within a limited timeframe and without huge costs. This is where we can make a major difference by helping you with all inclusive PLM Support.

SAP Managed Support Costs

It’s challenging to announce a fixed price for a company’s Managed Support, as the costs always vary depending on a number of interrelated factors. Among them are:

  • Type of Support (cloud or on-premise)
  • Type and complexity of a company’s business
  • Number of users and size of the company
  • Functional requirements
  • Volumes of client requirements

Although SAP support generally comes at a large cost, we provide our services at really cost effective prices keeping the customer-welfare in mind.

Why Bodhitech?

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Bodhitech is in the PLM service industry for over 12 years

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